EMERGE – New EP with Janet Stone & Nat Kendall


In the last few months as Janet, Nat and I were working on some new music, it became the soundtrack of our lives and became this EP. As we “EMERGE” from our global pandemic sabbatical back into the world, this EP took on a life of its own and became an offering from us to our community. We hope that it inspires listeners to engage in life fully as we come out of our shelters. On a personal level, it reminded me once again that wherever we happen to be in life, music is right there with us, always.



1. Shiva Shambo

2. Sarasvati

3. Jai Ambe (featuring Madhu Anziani)

4. Lokah

5. Shiva Savasana

Available for presale on iTunes on May 19. The full album will be available on May 29.