I Am Goddess – Official Video (featuring Madhu Anziani & Many More)

Every once in a while in moments of awe, we experience life in its fullest and the veil that separates us from the divine disappears. We recognize ourselves as the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer all at once. We experience the wordless and trace the traceless. We recognize ourselves as truth/bliss/consciousness itself, Goddess!

This song is a declaration of that feeling and a celebration for the rise of Goddess in our hearts. In those moments of unfiltered awareness, we experience our true being, we wake up from the dream and see it all as if for the first time. The labels we associate with dissolve. Distinctions such as good and bad no longer have a hold and we become boundless.

Through this major collaboration, we created this music video to bring to life this song by Madhu & Ege. From California to Colorado, Turkey to Nepal, we all offered our hearts and souls to express the meaning of these words.

We invite you to watch this story of the Goddess as she flows through us. And join in, with your voice and your body. Dance and sing to recognize your life as Goddess experiencing Goddess. In every moment, in everything and everywhere, chant these words: “I Am Goddess.”