New Ambient/Instrumental Album – meditations on shiva

I released a new ambient, instrumental album called “Meditations on Shiva”. Each track is dedicated to an aspect of Shiva and features improvisations on one of my instruments over a low drone sound. Inspiration came from the poems of the great Indian sage Utpaladeva. It is perfect accompaniment for gentle/slow yoga or movement practice. Also great for listening while doing work, meditation or driving.

The tracks were mixed and mastered by DJ Drez, who also made the cover art. As an independent artist, I rely on support of friends to help spread the word. It would make me very happy if you check it out, save the album to your library, put a few of the tracks on your playlists and/or share a story with one of your tracks.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope you this music brings you joy.

Here are links to the album on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube