Egemen (Ege) is a modern dervish traveling to find his own voice within world music, carrying the flag of his Turkish roots as a musician. Ege plays the sitar alongside other ethnic instruments (shamisen, saz, hang and handpan drums, banjo, flutes) and is able to bring out the mystic and invigorating qualities of all. He utilizes beats, loops and tanpura machines to compliment his joyful improvisations based on traditional Eastern ragas. Ege lives in San Francisco and performs regularly in the Bay Area, he is also a certified Yoga teacher.

“Ege weaves a soundscape that is simultaneously entrancing and powerful.
His utter passion for music comes alive through every sound that pours out of him. “

— Janet Stone

“Ege brings a magical element into class as soon as he starts to play. His music takes you on a journey unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. Students none stop come up and say how much it changed their practice. I can’t thank him enough for sharing his gifts”

— Danni Pomplun

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