Yoga Jams


In 2016, I played live in yoga classes around the Bay Area for teachers I love, including Janet Stone, Julie LockeDanni Pomplun, Ekat Petrova, Tina Spogli and Britany Paradis. These yoga classes served as the perfect setting to let the music flow through me on the fly, as the yogis themselves participated in the jam with their breath and movement.

I took my favorite sections from the live recordings and laid additional bass, guitar, and percussion on top. Here you have the end result: 2 hours of sitar, Hapi & Guda Drum music in 15 brand new tracks with spacious effects, driving bass, and tons of reverb.

They’re my “Yoga Jams,” 100% improvised, 100% homemade, 100% free! I hope you listen in joy as you practice yoga and meditate but also when you need to focus at work or want to go on a drive.

Here are two options for listening:

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